February, 2010

Feb 10

Favorite Candy Bar Links!

Ah… the candy bar – always a popular, easy to personalize wedding hit of epic proportions! 

But where are the best places to get your supplies?

I love this site for buying bulk jars in various sizes.  And for the candy, enjoy some fun browsing here.  Go ahead, treat your guests to some sweet dreams! :)

Feb 10

Carol Hannah Bridal on Etsy!

I sort of woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  Etsy to the rescue!  I stumbled across some incredibly romantic and feminine bridesmaids and bridal dresses.  I clicked on the dress details before I realized who the designer was… it was none other than Carol Hannah, who was robbed of the Project Runway crown last season!  Figures that I was already a huge fan of the designer!

Anyway, if you have a case of the Tuesday morning grumps, prepare to be cheered by fabulous frocks!

Feb 10

J.Crew’s Spring Look Book is Here

J.Crew’s Spring Preview is here!  And oh does it make me feel cool and Summery on this blustery Rochester evening.  My absolute favorite is the dress below.  Modest, fluid, and completely angelic.  It’s just a beautiful dress!  Now bring on the new flower girl dresses already!

Feb 10

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope cupid reached all my readers today!

Here’s a soundtrack for the day…

xoxoxo, Laura

Feb 10

Happy 2/11 from Etsy!

Today is a special day for me.  8 years ago today my husband asked me to go out in a very old-school, chivalric, and just plain romantic fashion.  I of course made fun of him because that is my way when I am uncomfortably basking in the warm and fuzzies.   5 years later he returned the favor by mercilessly mocking my response of “of course” to him popping the question.  Now, whenever he tells the story, I have to listen to him boastfully telling our friends, “She didn’t just say “yes;” she said “of course.”  Despite my complaints, this is just one of his many personality traits that reeled me in.

Anyway, today is a day where I can especially embrace my sappy side and that includes listening to Taylor Swift and browsing on Etsy.  Check out SilverMade Studio’s on Etsy for some especially sweet baubles.

Soul Mate Personalized Brass Bangle - $35

Look After My Heart Pendant - $36

Intertwine Sterling Silver Ring and Keychain - $35

Thank you to my wonderful clients – the 2010 couples who are in the last exciting stages and the 2011 ones for the fresh anticipation – for sharing their stories and letting me embrace my sappy side at least a little bit every day.

Feb 10

Back Up and Running!

We got a bit of an unexpected email from Google earlier last week letting us know that Blogger would no longer administer FTP hosted blogs.  What is an FTP hosted blog?  I’m not sure exactly, but I do know that it is what I used to use.  So, I made the slow transition to WordPress.  It’s different and I’m still getting used to it, but I decided to approach the design following cues from Project Runway.  You know… Is it a cohesive look?  Would the same person have Better Together’s homepage and blog page in their closet?

I hope the answer is yes!  But if it isn’t, here are some shoes to help make you love my blog again.  They would also look amazing walking down an aisle…

J.Crew Ivory Satin Martina Peep Toes

J.Crew Ivory Satin Martina Peep Toes

Kate Spade Red Kellis

Kate Spade Red Kellis Pumps

Stewart Weitzmn Gigi Ritz in Magenta

Feb 10

Bride’s Choice Award 2010 has Arrived!

I love a good certificate!  Thanks to all my couples for those 5-star reviews! Happy Lost-Tuesday!

Feb 10

Oh Good Cuteness… Etsy to the Rescue on a Manic Monday

Thanks to a gal pal for sharing a link to Mollusa’s Etsy page.  These clutches and ring pillows just make me happy.  Art in the form of a purse makes even a manic Monday more zen-like.  Happy shopping!