musical inspirations

Jun 10

New Website Music!

It’s been a long time coming, but thanks to some Pandora inspiration, I’ve changed up my website music.

Happy Friday courtesy of some deliciously sweet tunes!

The second song is a Tristan Prettyman cover of my absolute favorite song ever. One of my favorite artists covering my favorite song? Can’t get much better than that!! Unfortunately this cover is so obscure, it’s not even on YouTube! Guess you have to stick on my site for a few minutes to hear it! And yes, I have no shame!

Feb 10

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope cupid reached all my readers today!

Here’s a soundtrack for the day…

xoxoxo, Laura

Dec 09

New Website Music!

My musical inspirations pretty much change daily.  Today, for example, after a wonderful weekend celebrating the season with best friends, I’m feeling particularly inspired by the brilliance of Vince Guaraldi.

Anyway, I updated my website music to “Today” by Joshua Radin, an amazing acoustic singer that has been called the next Simon and Garfunkel.  He sings the version of the song on my website with the amazing Priscilla Ahn, who you can see if you go to Lilith Fair next summer.  I’m hoping my busy wedding season allows me to go as the lineup is nothing short of spectacular.

The second and last song on my website is a live version of Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble.” This song is lyrical genius in the folk music world and beyond.  It’s just a wonderful ode to love.

Oct 09

More Alternative Ceremony Music!

Looking for some nontraditional music options for your ceremony?

Check out Eva Cassidy’s songbird for the bridal processional.

And Tom Petty’s Learning to Fly for the recessional.

Sep 09

First Dance Find: Ingrid Michaelson!

Last weekend, dear friends Courtney and Dave got married. These two are tons of fun and so perfect for each other!

Their first dance was to Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way I am.” It was the perfect first dance tune: short, not to slow, and, most importantly, completely sweet. Congrats, Dave and Courtney!

The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson

I also dug up this YouTube video of Michaelson and Jason Mraz singing “Lucky” together; enjoy!

Aug 09

New Website Music!

Just a little music that’s been inspiring me lately… I’ve been on a little Jason Mraz kick, and I just love this one. Although I will say that I prefer his duet with Priscilla Ahn (see below), but it’s less accessible than the Colbie Caillat version.

The second song is a Frames cover of Bob Dylan’s less mainstream folky tune, “You Ain’t Going Nowhere.” I chose the duet version with Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard (lead singer of the Frames) for the main site. This song puts me in a good place no matter what craziness is going on in life. There is something unbelievably heartwarming in this joyful tune about the sweet anticipation of tomorrow, seeing your bride for the first time and starting your life in an easy chair! Third is another folksy little tune made popular by the great flick Juno. One of my all-time favorite be happy songs inspired by love!

And be sure to check out new picture and text updates to Better Together Event’s main page!

Aug 09

Digging into the Wedding Dance Archives

I know, it’s a bit early for the Friday funnies, but I needed a mid-week pick-me-up, and what better way is there to get laughing than to YouTube hilarious wedding dance videos?

This one is a dated, but I love it because the groom is having so much FUN! You can just tell they are all having a beyond fantastic time. Fast forward to the 1.50 mark for an utterly feel good moment.

And this is an oldy but a goody… the UK Dirty Dancing dance re-creation gets me everytime. Between the vintage-esque dance dress, the multiple lifts, the movie-to-wedding accuracy, and the smiles on everyone’s faces, I love it! And this video is a perfect example of how a dancing and happy couple is completely contagious.

Jul 09

Recessional Music Options

I’m putting the finishing touches on a ceremony idea packet for one of my clients, and it inspired me to blog about some recessional music options.

If you don’t want to dance your way back up the aisle like the wedding party in my previous post did on their way down, there are some more traditional options.

Handel’s “Hornpipe” from the Water Music Suite is one of my traditional and classical favorites:

For a still traditional, but slightly more alternative recessional alternative, I absolutely love George Winston’s

“Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel.” Of course, this would only work if you did not go down the aisle to Canon in D:

Of course, if the classical genre is not your taste, there is plenty of room to have fun in your recessional song selection, especially if you aren’t limited by house of worship song policies.

Consider Vince Guaraldi’s “Linus and Lucy” theme:

Or U2′s “Beautiful Day”:

Now if only you could just get Bono to show up and serenade you and your guests live…..

Jul 09

Happy Friday: Wedding Entrance Fun!

A little fun to start your weekend off right. How great is this wedding entrance? Love it.

p.s. Thanks to Soraya for sending this along to me yesterday!

Mar 09

First Dance Faves

One of my dear friends getting married this May has always known what she wanted her first dance to be. For those of you less sure, here’s a helping hand with the brainstorming. In no particular order of course…

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

The same covered by the Mamas & the Papas (Mama Cass had some voice…)
It Had to Be You by Frank Sinatra (also covered so well by Harry Connick Jr. for one of my favorite flicks: When Harry Met Sally).
Moon River by Audrey Hepburn
I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis (Booted from my personal top choice because my husband refused to slow dance to Elvis.)
The Luckiest by Ben Folds (When my sister got married, I teased her mercilessly about choosing a wedding song that mentions death, but she convinced me that it’s the real deal.)
The Best is Yet to Come covered by Stacey Kent
Crazy Love by Van Morrison
When You Say Nothing At All covered by Alison Kraus
What a Difference a Day Makes by Dinah Washington (Interestingly, this song was placed perfectly in the film Run Lola Run.)
Cheek to Cheek by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel (Just make sure it doesn’t make you think that you’re dancing with John Cusack.)
Nobody Knows Me by Lyle Lovett (I know, you’re wondering what Julie Roberts’ ex-husband is doing on the list, but this is a really sweet song.)
Songbird covered by Eva Cassidy
Feels Like Home by Chantel Kreviazuk
La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong
Unforgettable by Nat King Cole
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
Someone Like You by Van Morrison
The Nearness of You covered by Norah Jones
I’ll Be There by Sade
Bless the Broken Road by Rascall Flatts or by/with Carrie Underwood
At Last by Etta James (Great song, but did the Obama’s have to dance to the same song at every single ball?)
Everything I Do by Bryan Adams (I put this down only for my mother, who made us listen to this song repeatedly during car rides to and from school.)
Grow Old with Me by John Lennon
Better Together by Jack Johnson

Whatever you choose, have fun with the first dance! It’s a special moment, so enjoy it!