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Sep 13

Zulily Love

I’m sure most of my readers have already heard of this site, but I just had to share my favorite daily guilty shopping pleasure, Zulily.

Most people think of it as a hub of deals on kids clothes and toys, but you can also find a ton of fun party supplies too.  For $49 you can get shipping free for the year, which is very very dangerous!

Check out a few items I’ve snagged in the past few months at a hefty discount!


Stride Rite Sparkly Mary Janes

Toy Story Foil Balloon Bundle

Back to the Future EMMETT Screen Tee

Happy Birthday Picture Frame

First Birthday Album

Oct 12

Our Biggest Little Event of the Year: Take 2!

Miss Bridget herself turned two this weekend and in Better Together style she did not let a pesky little hurricane put a damper on her stylish Curious George party!

Please visit our Etsy store to purchase the complete printable Curious George party, the invitation, the complete party box, and many more a la carte items from this party!

Tutu by FromDiapers2Divas on Etsy; Custom George Shirt by lilshabebe on Etsy

Invitation by BetterTogetherEvents on Etsy


All Printables by BetterTogetherEvents on Etsy

Cake and Cookies by Cakes by Karen

Sweet Bridget: I could never express in words how incredibly proud of you and how amazed I am by you on a daily basis.  Watching you grow is the miracle of my life, and it humbles me in a way I know I will never be able to put to words.

You just turned two and none of us can believe it.  You are such a little girl, but sometimes I still I look back at you in the back seat staring out into the sky, and I can still see your baby face and smell your baby smell.  I just love this age on you though.  Nothing gets by you and your vocabulary has just exploded.  And I know that you are only 2, but I just know you are determined, fearless, funny, and empathetic.

Thank you for sharing your world with me – it is much more interesting than my grown-up view of things.  Thank you for your hugs and kisses and the sweetest words I’ve ever heard my little girl say: I love you.

Happy Birthday, Bridget.  Love always, Mommy

Oct 12

Katlyn’s Sunflower Shower

I met Katlyn more than a decade ago.   When we first saw each other, I’m surprised she didn’t go running.  I had moved into our Freshmen year dorm at Union first.  I cringe when I think about the 18 year old version of myself… I was one of those with matching bedding and frilly girly pillows.  I still remember what I was wearing: equally cringe worthy yet stylish that summer, plaid capri pants and a much too matchy matchy pastel collared shirt.  I still can’t believe the college athlete cool girl did not go running to Residence Life and demand a new roommate after the first interaction.  Thank goodness for me, she gave me a chance and the rest is history.

In a friendship that has spanned our teens, our twenties, and our thirties we’ve run the gamut together.  Katlyn introduced me to this place called the gym – which I had never dared venture before.   And now I actually enjoy exercise! I like to think I gave Katlyn a taste for the nerdy (study guides) and for the uber girly (makeup, wedding planning).  All the while, she’s been there for me through the best and worst of times.  I’ve learned that friendships like this are exceptionally rare and unbelievably important – so special that they span years and distance.  It is for all these reasons, I was just thrilled to help her sister Lisa with her amazing summer Sunflower shower.  It was a beautiful day for a beautiful person!

Check out the party on Etsy of course!

Apr 12

Birthday Shower Time Capsules

So when I started my Etsy shop, the party boxes were my main focus.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the interest that my birthday time capsules have found.  The idea came to me looking through ideas for Bridget’s First Birthday.  It was a big hit!  Guests wrote sweet notes that I think will be fun for her to look back on.  After the party, I filled the box with momentos from the day: the tutu she wore, an invitation, birthday cards, etc.  It’s definitely something I’m going to do every year to commemorate her birthdays.

Here are a few new capsules I’ve created for some awesome customers!

And coordinating notecards are now available so guests can leave comments in the capsule!

Mar 12

Jen’s Owl Treetop Baby Shower

I was so excited to take part in coordinating Jen’s Owl Treetop Baby shower!  She’s expecting her first baby – a boy – in May, and it was a real joy and privilege for me to work together with her awesome sister, Lauren, on the printables for this festive event.  I’ve got a soft spot for super close sisters… :)

To make this party happen for your loved one’s bday or shower, check out Better Together Event’s Etsy store for the printables packagethe party box package, and everything you see below a la carte.

Thanks and Kisses to my littlest helper…

Feb 12

Better Together Events on Etsy!

I am so very excited to introduce all my readers to the Better Together Events Etsy store, code name BetterTogetherEvents!!!!

This new “virtual” store has been a long time coming and is really a natural transition for the Better Together Events brand.  I’ve had a number of people approach me over the years asking me to plan smaller, more intimate parties, particularly birthdays and showers.  It was always difficult to price, and I found that there was a demand for complete, customized, unique parties.  ”Party in a Box” is a great way to provide just that: a complete unique party in a box.  All you need to do is add the guests and the food!   In addition to the complete parties in a box, I am also offering DIY printable party files and an assortment of fun party supplies and crafting tools to make your party complete.

I’ve been so lucky to plan so many amazing weddings, and I continue to enjoy the main niche of Better Together Events: weddings!  Still, I’m thrilled to be expanding my passion for parties and design to other events through an amazing network of fellow-craftees and DIYers on Etsy.

The shop is still very much in the works.  I have many more complete parties to add, so look out!!

Dec 11

Bridget’s Sunshine Party Invites

I had loads of fun working with a fantastically talented Etsy designer on Bridget’s sunshine party invites.  I told her they had to be whimsical, fun, and include the lyrics to our musical inspiration “You Are My Sunshine.”  And of course they had to include a photo of Little Miss Sunshine herself and the phrase “Bright as the sun ~ Our little Bridget is turning 1!”

The Paper Perfectionist did not disappoint and I highly recommend her work to anyone with a clear idea of what you want looking for an affordable custom party invitation.  I love the colors and how she incorporated lace, which was a central design element, to the borders of the invite.

The invites came with white envelopes, so I looked elsewhere for buttery, sunshine yellow envelopes.  I also purchased vivid pink damask envelope liners to add a pop of color to the muted hues of the invite.  I worked with White Tulip Designs on Etsy for these items.

I told my stamp-addict hubby what I wanted in terms of stamps:” vintage feminine with multiple stamps to give it a more “weathered” look.  Most of the invites had a classic doll 32 cent stamp paired with the Tiffany Lamp and Clock stamps.  The one pictured in the photograph had an Indian stamp  - one my husband needed for his collection.  Yes, I make fun of him mercilessly for this little hobby.  However, it does come in handy when I want vintage stamps for a project like this.  As I’ve said many times on this blog, I believe stamps can add a personalized element to invitations that can enhance the overall look.



Jan 11

Thank Goodness…

Sometimes when I have bloggers-block, there’s nothing else to do but say “Happy Friday” and call it a blogging day.


baby love xoxo

Oct 10

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Courtesy of Sweet Designs

Nov 09

Gift Ideas at Navy and Lavender

I stumbled across Navy and Lavender this morning and just had to share!

I’m always looking to borrow ideas from store-bought welcome bags for DIY welcomes, and Navy and Lavender fills their welcome bags with some very nifty treats!

I absolutely love their gift concepts for your bridal party.  They offer gift baskets for all your bridesmaids… from the perfect hostess

to the beach bum! 

These gifts would even work perfectly as mother of the bride and mother of the groom gifts!

The men in your bridal party are not overlooked.  Check out this tee-time gift bag:

And, last but not least, you have to see Navy and Lavender’s signature “favor cakes.”  Perfect for a smaller party or a shower.