Feb 14

Bridget’s Toy Story Third Birthday

I know my posts are far and few between as I enjoy my extended sabbatical from wedding planning.  I spend my days running around after two adorable little people, so this post has been forgotten for too long.

Without further ado, I present our biggest little person event of the year: Bridget Elizabeth’s Third Birthday.

This was my first “Party City” party.  I so so wanted to design my own printables, but really who can beat Disney Pixar when it comes to Toy Story?  Why try to compete with the genius that is Buzz, Woody, and Jessie.   So I let Party City do the hard stuff for me, while I added in a few quick yet cute details.

Did I mention we are a little Toy Story obsessed? In surviving the transition from one child to two, potty training, and preserving my overall sanity I’d like to thank the entire Toy Story family from the bottom of my heart.

I purchased this backdrop on Zulily (if you read my blog, you know I am a Zulily addict) and it was a huge hit with the short people.

Bridget and Cousin Conor testing out the photo back-drop and "Etch" prop

Our very, very amateur "Etch"

Shirt courtesy of the wonderful Etsy

More modeling

Having a "threenager" moment before the party begins

Blue and White "Green Guy" Box-made Cupcakes

The Toy Story "Guy" Play Station

The Toy Story Water Bottle Favors were a huge hit with parents and kids

The Claw is My Master Drink Straw Flags

Tired and Happy Parents

Adorable Baby Brother

Buzz Lightyear

Adorable Birthday Girl

There you have it.  My sweetest little baby – the one that made me a momma – is THREE.  She started her two’s a baby, and now… well, now she is Bridget.  And she is so many wonderful things.  Everyday she walks a little away from me, and my heart is so full of pride and a little bit of sadness.  She can get dressed; she can go to school; she’s a big sister.  I am working on remembering that she is such a little girl even if she has big girl powers.  I suspect this is something I’ll be working on grasping for quite some time.

On the day you were born, the flowers all turned blue.
On the day you were born, the birds sang so sweetly, songs were meant for you.
Comes back to you, back to you, always comes back to you.
On the day you were born, the sky opened wide.
Filled up with colors bright and lovely we felt it inside.
Comes back to you, back to you, always comes back to you.










Sep 13

We’re Baaack!

We’re back!!!!  Wow.  This summer and Emmett’s first half a year have simply flown by!

April 2013

September 2013

I passed on some great opportunities to be involved in some stunning nuptials in favor of just hanging out with the little cuties.  Time really does go round and round in super speed – I’ve found that more so the second time around.  Maternity leave is just not long enough in the USA (nerdy factoid of the day – my MA thesis compared the politics of childcare and parental leave in developed countries; big surprise – our leave times are short!).  I’m grateful for the chance to take it all in with some extended time away from weddings and parties.  But you know I’ll be back – they won’t stay this tiny for too long unfortunately!
Well we’ve been gone, this happened:
Pretty crazy since it was just yesterday that this happened, then this, and this.
And this new baby is almost six months old.
Our full Etsy shop is now completely back open  I’m hoping to add some new printable invites soon.  I can’t believe how popular my nephew’s “Around the World” invitation has been.  I love it when people think outside typical themes for their showers and birthday parties!
You know I still love a good party, and my brain’s awash with some killer 3rd birthday plans for our little lady.  I promised Mitch I would keep it small this year… Stay tuned to see how I do with that one.  ;)

Apr 13

Why Hello, Emmett Mark

It’s funny how different babies are from the get go.  When I was pregnant with Bridget, everything was planned.  I even had this weird gut feeling the day before the night I went into labor that she was coming.  With Emmett everything was a lot less planned and fly by the seat of your pants.  Most days, the pregnancy was so easy I had few reminders that I was even pregnant.

The night I went into labor, I had no clue.  I was even a little surprised when they told us in triage that yes this is it – let’s have a baby! And Emmett’s labor and delivery was so quick and fast that all of that seemed a little surreal too.  My husband – who as an OBGYN qualifies him more than most men to describe an experience he will never actually experience – describes pregnancy and your eventual labor of child as the biggest roller coaster of all time.  You get locked into the seat and there is absolutely no turning back until the ride is finished.  The roller coaster was a lot faster and more intense this time around!  But the moment when they place your baby in your arms for the first time… that was the same – the same sweet loveliness that consumes your heart forever.

I just could not take my exhausted eyes off of him – my son.  His first name was still in dispute, and I can recall Mitch saying something along the lines of “So… should we name him Emmett?”  which had been my name of choice throughout most of the pregnancy.  And so there he was… our Emmett Mark Linder.  7 handsome pounds, 2 tiny ounces, and 19 precious inches.

Looking so very much like his Grandpa Mark... Photo by Robin Fox Photography

I must admit that from the get-go I was anxious about having a son.  As the youngest of three sisters, I have little experience or knowledge about little boys.  I was also wary of that old expression: A son is a son until he takes a wife, a daughter’s a daughter the rest of her life…”  I reconciled my anxieties while pregnant with the knowledge that Mitch and I would do the best we could and forever be grateful for this awesome miracle – no matter what.  And then he was here and mine, and suddenly I realized we were both right where we were supposed to be; I would figure it out; it would all be ok.

Photo by Robin Fox Photography

So my sweet little man, welcome to the world.  Thanks for making me a mama times 2.   His little hands stole my heart.  His little feet ran away with it…”

Mar 13

Paper Party Pinwheel Rounds!

I have been completely remiss in not updating the blog in months!

Our Etsy shop has had a super busy start to 2013.  Our paper straws and time capsules continue to be hot sellers!  I’ve also been working with an event planning company down in Florida on a huge sale of what I’m calling “Paper Party Pinwheels!”  We just shipped out a box of over 70 of these pinwheel rounds for a huge March Florida wedding.  I just love the color scheme of grays and yellows – very unusual and striking!

We used a variety of beautiful speciality paper to complete the project.  Most of the pinwheels are going to be used to create a backdrop, but the super mini ones are going to be layered to make the groom’s boutonniere.  Can’t wait to share more photos and details after the wedding!

Stay tuned for these creations to be offered in our Etsy shop!   For an updated view of our birthday party time capsule boxes, please click here.

Speaking of which, our Etsy shop is going to be going on a bit of a maternity leave as we prepare for the birth of our son in a month or so!  All hand crafted items – so everything except for our paper straws and craft supplies – will be removed so I can focus on life with a newborn and a toddler!

We continue to be super grateful for our wedding and party inquiries, and I really do apologize for the super limited number of events I take each year.   The life of Better Together Events has certainly evolved as my life has evolved, and I appreciate the loyalty and understanding of our clients as life keeps moving!

Before I sign off, here are a few photos of my beautiful Bridget…

Oct 12

Our Biggest Little Event of the Year: Take 2!

Miss Bridget herself turned two this weekend and in Better Together style she did not let a pesky little hurricane put a damper on her stylish Curious George party!

Please visit our Etsy store to purchase the complete printable Curious George party, the invitation, the complete party box, and many more a la carte items from this party!

Tutu by FromDiapers2Divas on Etsy; Custom George Shirt by lilshabebe on Etsy

Invitation by BetterTogetherEvents on Etsy


All Printables by BetterTogetherEvents on Etsy

Cake and Cookies by Cakes by Karen

Sweet Bridget: I could never express in words how incredibly proud of you and how amazed I am by you on a daily basis.  Watching you grow is the miracle of my life, and it humbles me in a way I know I will never be able to put to words.

You just turned two and none of us can believe it.  You are such a little girl, but sometimes I still I look back at you in the back seat staring out into the sky, and I can still see your baby face and smell your baby smell.  I just love this age on you though.  Nothing gets by you and your vocabulary has just exploded.  And I know that you are only 2, but I just know you are determined, fearless, funny, and empathetic.

Thank you for sharing your world with me – it is much more interesting than my grown-up view of things.  Thank you for your hugs and kisses and the sweetest words I’ve ever heard my little girl say: I love you.

Happy Birthday, Bridget.  Love always, Mommy

Oct 12

Back From A Long Hiatus!

We’ve had an awesome summer over here – the first one in years where I took the entire summer off. That’s right, I took on no weddings!  It was bittersweet in some ways: I turned down some amazing opportunities, but it opened the door to new ones and extra time to be with this little monkey.

I do see more weddings down the road in the future, but for now we are content growing our Etsy shop, planning some fabulous smaller parties, and CEOing the Linder army – which is due to grow next April!

Jul 12

Summer Musings

We have been far too MIA over here on the Better Together Events blog!  We’ve been busy enjoying an awesome summer.

We’ve planned some fun events and look forward to sharing more details about them soon.

In the meantime, please check out our Etsy shop!  It’s been fun creating unique items for some fabulous birthday parties.

We recently created a first birthday capsule for a Mary Poppins inspired “It’s a Jolly Holiday” Party, which inspired a lot of Pinning on Pinterest…

Speaking of Pinterest, you can follow our pins (BetterEvents) although we’re pretty boring.  You’ll find a load of recipes to hide fruits and vegetable in baked goods and TV workouts.  However, there is literally a wealth of tools to make your wedding one of a kind and fill it with tons of personal details.

Jun 12

Happy Anniversary to Us!

4 years of marriage

10 years together

3768 days

4 different addresses

2 states

4 colleges/university and that iddy bitty thing called residency

a bunch of passport stamps

the cutest baby on the planet

all the places we’ve been, all the cool stuff we’ve seen, all the love we’ve shared

where oh where will our next journey be?

happy anniversary #4

The cutest peach... just because <3

Mar 12

Friday Sappiness Courtesy of Pinterest

So for months people have been telling me I need to join Pinterest. “Laura, it’s so up your alley.” “You’re going to love it.”  etc. etc. I resisted because what self respecting Facebook-quitter replaces it with another social media time sucker?

Well, that was before I checked it out and got sucked into the creative force of good ideas.  The funny part about Pinterest is that for the most part you pin the unattainable: you know some Olympian’s 16 pack and that million dollar Pottery Barn kitchen.   But what I love most about it is the source it provides of good ideas that you may actually be able to pull off.   I’ve found and tried some amazing recipes for my super picky family that are actually healthy.  Pinterest ideas inspired a garage clean-up that seriously makes me happy every day.  There’s something about the rarity of a clean garage that just makes the Type A in me ridiculously giddy.  We’re even fixing up the basement.  It’s been a comical project with the hubby since it’s like the blind leading the blind.  If DIY Home Improvement had been a school subject, we’d have both failed for sure.  But, dare I say, it’s actually looking better?  Perhaps there may even be a playroom down there in the future?

I also love the feel good sappiness you can find on Pinterest.  Whether it be weight loss inspiration or just plain old romance, I leave feeling inspired with a good dose of the super sweet.

Check out what’s been inspiring me… And if you can stand it, come find me: BetterEvents. :)

Birthday Cake Balls


Reeses Cake

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters

For all the scrabble addicts out there...


UP costume

Greek Yogurt Covered Strawberries

PBK's Bridgette Fairy Bedroom

Tooth Fairy Door

DIY Basement

Feb 12

A Decade Together

10 years ago today, Mitchell Alan Linder asked me to go steady.  I wonder if he knew then the amount of sass that was in store for him?

May 2009

Ditto a hundred times and more not just today but every day.  Do you remember those amazing donuts we stumbled upon in Maine?  When the Vatican Police kicked us out of the Sistine Chapel for taking pics?  Lazy lunches in the campus center? The miraculous sound of a teeny tiny heartbeat?  So much history, so much love.  You will forever hold the prize as the best and funniest person I know.

January 2012

And one thing is abundantly certain, I’m sure there is no way to thank you, Mitch, for the best gift I have ever received.

Bridget Elizabeth, 14.5 months